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SATKO Martial Arts was founded in 1987 and initially stood for Stark’s American Tae Kwon Do and Karate Organization. Over the years the program evolved and now stands for Southern Arizona Tae Kwon Do and Karate Organization.


SATKO is a unique blend of martial arts with Tae Kwon Do being the root art. SATKO incorporates  techniques taken from decades of training with Chinese Kenpo, Okinawan, Shotokan, and Shorin Ryu masters, as well as techniques learned while GM Stark was a Modern Army Combatives Instructor in the Army.


SATKO belt curriculum is based of traditional Tae Kwon Do forms and self defense techniques, as wells as advanced Tae Kwon Do kicking and punching techniques.

Traditional Program

The traditional program is held 4 evenings a week and takes a deeper dive into instruction. The classes are much smaller, more focused, and geared toward serious traditional training.


In this program, students wear a martial arts uniform. Students are permitted to spar with each other as well as with the instructors. Classes taught in the evening program are strict and conform to how a traditional class should be run. However, we do make sure that the students have fun in the program.

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